The Six Parts Seven Everywhere and right here Gift from Sunny on my 26 years old birthday. I like the zoo cover a lot and really enjoy the music! Thank you Sunny!

Franz Ferdinand Artist: Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand, their debut album is the #1 seller in Virgin Record store when I was in New York last week. They formed in Glasgow two years ago. released two singles, and this is their first album. Their music make me want to dance when I was listeining it in the store. It is so much fun!! I love Alex Kapranos's voice, low, smooth and sad in the first song "Jacqueline", rock and powerful in "Take Me Out". "Take me out" is definitely my favorite song in this album. This song was built with two different parts of totally different tones. I search all over google try to find MP3 so you guys can listen to, but can not find any, guess you'll have to buy the album by yourself. NME gave them "the best new band in britain". Try if you like punk rock, they are great!

BA BA TI KI DI DO Artist: Sigur Ros This is a 20 minutes of new music written for Merce Cunningham's split Sides perofrmance. There are 3 songs in this cd--BA BA, TI KI, and DI DO. Sigur Rós performed them live at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's 2003 Next Wave Festival in New York on October 14, 2003. Radiohead also performed in this live. However, don't know if they will release the music (hope so..)

Educated Guess Artist: Ani Difranco Ani's 2004 latest album. It is her first solo recording in a decade with only her guitar and word. The songs are simple and touching. Ani expressed her feminist point of views again in "grand canyon". Her disapointments toward relationships were written in "Origami". (It is the first time I hear origami as a song title). It also has one of the most beautiful cd case I've ever seen!

The Sound of Splitting Atoms* Artist: Radiant* Got it in Austin Waterloo Record cause it's on sale, only $1 !! I've never heared of radiant* before. Checked online and found that actually they are from Dallas. A reviewer said they are like the Texas version of Coldplay. I have to say that although they are from Texas, their music is not Texas style at all. You will love it if you like Coldplay or Travis. It gives you the kind of touching feelings you've experienced from them. .

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