GRS 389W Culture of Academic Writing is one of the courses I am taking this semester. I love this class cause of the diversities of students’ cultural backgrounds and all my cute and lovable classmates. There are about twenty students in this class and we are all from different countries. Most of us come from Asia, such as Taiwan, China, Korea and Thailand; a few are from South America. I like it also because this is the only class in my two year’s master program that I feel us caring about each other. Unlike my any other class in which everyone disappears right after class dismissed, we always hang around in the class a little bit chatting, talking about our lives, and we walk together to the entrance of the building, then say goodbye to each other.

Last Thursday is the last day of the class. Before the class dismissed, the professor reminded us of the “Power of Ten”. This is a website showing the earth at different perspectives. Each image is 10 times bigger or smaller than the one before or after it. By reminding us of this again, she wishes that we can always apply different viewpoints to explain things happening around us.

To Dr. Leslie, Jarmon, I will always remember this class and all the good times we have.
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