Recently, Friday night becomes my movie night. Not only that, I found myself living in a great neighborhood. Cause within 10 mins walking distance, there are Film Forum, Angelika Cinemas, IFC center. Different from the giant movie theater chain, each of them has its own specialties and personalities. I happen to see one great movie at each of the theater.

Me and You and Everyone We Know

Actually, I just got back from the theater. Today is a special day for both the director, Miranda July and IFC center. Cause IFC center is re-opening today with Miranda July's first movie. In the beginning of the movie, both IFC theater founder and Miranda July stood in front of the audience and made a short speech. Miranda even had a short Q and A session after the movie.

Though based on the name, the characters should be like you, me and everybody we know, that ordinary and dull. However, through the eyes of Miranda July, random people’s life is actually full of surprise. We are so indulged in our everyday life that forgets how interesting sometimes those mundane things are. Conversations between these characters are so plain yet so true that it reminds me of myself, especially the angriness, doubtness and happiness within me everyday from the moment I wake up.

By the way, Miranda July is so cool. I like her from the first sight. She looked so skinny jsut like in the movie. But she sounds so convincing and determined when she speaks.

Saving Face

This movie makes me laugh from beginning to end. It is a story about the process of identity searching among Asian American immigrants, the gap between the first and the second generation, and a battle between mother and daughter. Most excitingly is that the background is in New York, especially Asian communities concentration areas such as Flushing and Chinatown. The main characters are the daughter, and her mom. They both have their own secrets (the daughter is lesbian and her mom is divorced but got pregnant by a mysterious guy she’s in love with). They both are isolated from their families, societies and there is a huge gap and silence between them.

Most of the characters speak Mandarin so I feel I am a little bit luckier than other audience because I am able to get all the jokes. The love story between the daughter and her girlfriend is so genuine and touching that's my favorite part of the story. The film unavoidably shows stereotypes of Chinese especially on the first generation. However, it is somewhat true and reminds me of my parents and relatives (that's whawt makes it fun!)

Mysterious Skin

I know this would be a depressing story before watching it. However, my friend told me about the great soundtrack featuring slowdive music especially that Sigur Ros’s music appearing at the climax of the movie. So I went. It turns out that I was not only found of the music, but also the beautiful cinematography.

It’s so sad to see how this terrible experience of their childhood haunted their lives. Towards the end, they finally go back to the house of that terrible night. They cuddled in the sofa describing to each other what happened on that night, and here comes Sigur Ros’s music....then I remember the music and the boy's face last in my mind till I got home. Such a powerful movie...
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  • wallace
    woww.....u got obsessed with film watching either...
    It's a fabulous habby , and Reminds me of the dog days chasing for the movies(included animations and documentaries) while goldern horse international film festivals were hold here..