I just had a Hernia surgery on Thursday. I guess I am just not very lucky because they say 8 out of 10 people who have Hernia are male and they usually find out when they are child.

However, me, a 26 years old female, I found out my hernia about a month ago while I was taking shower. It was on the bottom right of my stomach. At first I was all panic because I thought it was a tumor! But it disapeared when I try to push it back or when I lay down. Immediately, I go online trying to search for more info, I found out that:

“A hernia occurs when the contents of a body cavity bulge out of the area where they are normally contained. These contents, usually portions of intestine or abdominal fatty tissue, are often enclosed in the thin membrane that naturally lines the inside of the cavity. Although the term hernia can be used for bulges in other areas, it most often is used to describe hernias of the lower torso (abdominal wall hernias).” ...... 看原文

Hernia is so called 疝氣. It is kind of embarrassing having疝氣, especially for me because people always think it is a guy’s problem. So consciously, I feel awkward telling people that I have it. It’s just not something people will understand immediately. The response I got is always “I thought its only guy’s problem…” and one of my friend even feel so sorry for me because she thinks I can see and feel my intestine.

Another problem occurred was the complicated health insurance system in the great United States. It is the first time in 3 years I went to see a doctor. Therefore, I am completely new to this system. I found out that with the insurance plan I had, I have to pay $2000 deductible. For the next $5000, the insurance company pays 90% and I pay 10%. After that, they are resoinsible for the rest of the cost. I just wish I could have found out this earlier, but I got this the day before my surgery. My mom’s flight to here is only 8 hours away. I called her and she told me if I done it in Taiwan it only costs $100 dollars. But taking accounts of everything, it is better for me having surgery here than there…so I had surgery in the Great America, at the price of $2500 (probably more)

The surgery takes about 3 hours. The anesthesia is amazing that three minutes after the injection I am totally dead. The next thing I remember is that I wake up and the operation is done. The doctor said to me “you definitely have Hernia”. I said " yeah, so I didn't lie to you." Because I can’t make my hernia come out at his clinic so he is never able to see it.

Now I am relaxing in my apartment. Although sometimes the cut hurts like in hell, I get to rest for 5 days and have the best chicken soup my mom cooks for me ! yumyum. The wound is covered by a swab so I couldn’t tell how big it is. Hope it’s not too big so it won’t show when I wear my bikini!

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  • meow
    I completly understand that.:) Just on the bottom right of your stomach? I guess I have it. But it does not hurts. It can only be found when hand touches there. Am I right? You can speak to me in Chinese.
  • Irene
    yeah it does not hurt at all. It usually comes out when you lift heavy stuff. But I can use my hand to pushes it back. Do you consider getting it fixed? It has been 4 weeks since the surgery and the wound is healing well. They said there is possibility that it comes out again, so you have to be careful not having too much pressure there....