Today is the worst day ever. One of my clients sponsors an event tonight at eight o'clock at Radio City. Based on the sponsorship package, client’s print ad should be printed in the catalogues as well as brochures be inserted in the catalogue. I was not able to go to this event due to dinner plan so my supervisor went. But I just got his call said that there is NO brochure in the catalogue. -_- HOW COULD THIS EVER HAPPEN? I was just talking to the event organizer this morning and he promised that they got the brochure and everything went well. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!! I feel so sorry for my supervisor because he is now at the event with client and he must feel so bad that he couldn’t really enjoy the show. I feel so sorry for my client that they paid for the cost to re-print the 7000 brochure and they did not see the result and again, can not enjoy the show. And I feel so bad for myself that I am so pissed right now and I really want to yell at the event organizer but I left the phone number at office so I have no one to call! Tomorrow is another battle……

Strawberry Fields Forever

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  • Dana
    Oh :( I'm so sorry that such things happened. That really sucks!! :(
  • 大雄


    還好現在有catalogue,只是沒有brochures,是不幸中的大幸啦! :)
  • Transported Taiwanese
    Worst days come and go, but tomorrow isn't just another battle, it's another chance to make things better. It sounds like you care much about your job and you have control over things as long as you're in control. Best advise I can give is to keep your focus on your long term goals, and bad days is only another obstacle on your way to your dream life. I have to manage people who don't take pride in their job and it's really annoying to have to deal with apathy. Sleep it off and tomorrow will always be brighter.
  • Irene
    To Dana:
    >___< Feel frustrated. But my client is very understanding. Now I only need to concentrate on how to compensate them.

    To 大雄:
    也是啦 至少還有把廣告印出來在目錄裡....那種客戶電話或是名字印錯真是做廣告最大的惡夢....

    To Transported Taiwanese:
    Thanks for the msg, 真是勵志!
  • 無聊的人
    shit heppens