Hehee* my brother showed me Genie through his web cam on msn. Genie is soooo cute and is exactly the same as I remember how she is. She is sleeping on my brother's bed. Don't know who taught her that but she always likes to hide herself into the comforter. Oh her eyes are open so she is actually awake, but just lie on bed and looking at the monitor. Hey Genie, you are so lucky, get to sleep till noon. Can I be you?
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  • Dana
    Genie is so cute! It's not so cute when Anna (65 pound) does that haha. He leaves his fur everywhere!
  • Shawn
    She is way too lazy...i guess she learned the comforter thing from both you and me haha
  • Irene
    Take her out and run!! I like energetic Genie!