I was cleaning my email box yesterday and found this email I got from my mom two years ago right before my birthday. It was not only written in English, but also written on Genie's behalf. I have to say that my mom did a great job as it is so creative, cute, inspiring and touching. It also makes me miss her a lot....thanks mom, I am a very lucky gal~

Dear 姊姊,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU......................
Shawn said I have been 20 years old now so maybe next year you should call me "sister". I'm not sure if I can still recognize you because I haven't seen you for a long time and perhaps you have changed a lot ( become prettier ?) or you don't smell as same as before.

Recently Mom always said "臭Genie" because I haven't taken a bath for more than one month. Still she likes to hold me, touch me and kiss me a lot. Sometimes I don't want to be disturbed so much that I had to escape away from her. " 好煩 "

This morning when I got up and saw shawn off, I was appealed by a special kind of smell which came from the kitchen. Mom was busy doing housework so I sneaked into the kitchen. To my great joy, I found a big loaf of ham at the edge of the table. When I stood up, I could just get it. How excited !! This is the first time I could take my food on my own. Holding it in my mouth and humming all the way, when I was ready to enjoy a big delicious meal at the balcony, I was caught by Mom's hands. "Genie, You are so bad...." Mom yelled very loudly as if the house would fall down. ( the earthquake happened again?) She seized the ham out of my mouth. Till then I knew I had done something wrong. I ran way and hid myself under table but Mom still chased me and gave me rods again and again.

I couldn't understand why Mom was so mean sometimes. I think you must feel the same way. It's no big deal to eat something I like. Anyway I have learned a lesson. If I were not too happy to hum to myself, Mom wouldn't hear it and find the truth. 真是樂極生悲!!!

By the way, thank you very much for the gifts you have sent to me. The more the better. Take care and look forwar to seeing you in May.

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  • Shawn
  • Irene
    呵呵 講這樣
  • hp
    u can actually write a story 4 it or get a dog mind reader so u know exactly what is actually in her mind!!
  • irene
    yeh let me know where I can find a dog mind reader!