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好久沒有看到小主人了 Have not seen you for a long time, little owner
小主人 你還認得我嗎  Do you still recognize me?
雖然我的毛都白了  My fur is white
耳朵不靈光了 Ears are bad
也聽不到你喊我的名字了 Can not even hear you call my name
可是真的是我喔  But it is me, that’s true
你呀 你的味道  You...your smell
一點都沒有變  Is the same as I remembered
德州的天氣果然比紐約好多了  The weather is much better here in Texas
地也大多了  Land is bigger too
我這把年紀  I am old
每天在後院晒晒太陽 But out in the yard, tan in the sun everyday
聽聽鳥叫  Listening to birds sing
倒也挺愜意  It’s pretty relaxing
不過最近 Recently
老夫婦帶來的“Bruce” “Lee”兩隻臘腸狗   The two dachshund “Bruce” “Lee” the old couple has
沒事叫不停  Barks all the time
連好脾氣的我都快受不了 Despite my good temper, I can not stand it
要是我年輕個五歲  If I was 5 years younger
早就給他們一點下馬威 I will warn them
你呢 還是住在小小的公寓裡嗎 How about you, do you still live in the small apartment?
喔對了 Oh yeah
謝謝你帶我出去散步 Thank you for taking me for a walk
都不知道這附近變了這麼多 I did not know this area has changed so much
不同的氣味 So many different smells
我突然覺得自己年輕了好幾歲呢! Suddenly I feel I am young again!
還有呀 And...
我很享受你給我的小毛毯 I enjoy the little blanket you gave me
真舒服  躺在上面 So cozy, lying on top of it
我的小茅舍也變成五星級旅館啦 My pigpen becomes a 5 star hotel
我會好好替你守護著老夫婦 I will keep an eye on the old couple
你就別擔心了吧 You do not need to worry too much
希望你過得好 Hope you are well

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